Hayward Gallery

'Choose Your Ism' project

Are you a Minimalist or an Exhibitionist? What about a Cerealist?

My play on the word 'surrealist' was the catalyst for a whole range of products for the Hayward Gallery. The brief was to produce a range of products that spoke to the Hayward audience, who are 'not your average crowd'. They wanted something 'fun, engaging and that encapsulated the personality of a space that is quite unique.'

Surrealist became Cerealist which became the Cerealist bowl. Collaborating with the wonderful Adam Thow who was the buyer at the time, the range developed to encompass other major art movements like Cubism, Minimalism and er, Exhibitionism..? Oh, no, hang on that was just an excuse to get the word 'pants' in the collection (see base of Exhibitionist mug). I designed a t-shirt, notebook, badge, tote bag and mug for each 'ISM".

Two more of my ideas, the 'Private View' doorhanger and the 'Self Portrait' mirror were also produced for the shop.

Frosties, anyone? Grrr!