Own-brand product archive

Many moons ago in 2007,  Product Of Your Environment was born in a disused building in East London - part of the London Design Festival. I wasn't completely sure what I was doing but the launch night involved lots of champagne and supportive friends so that seemed fine. The result of months of blood, sweat and tears, I launched myself and my products into the unknown. Cue MASSIVE learning curve as, though I was armed with a BA and a Masters neither of them were in product design. My first 3 babies were the 'Exorcise Book', 'JigsawJigsaw' and 'Castles In The Sky' vase. Their birth was a bit painful (sharp corners, splinters) but I loved them and was very proud.

I went home after the first day with orders - ACTUAL ORDERS! - clutched tight to my chest, including one from Colette store, who I had not heard of.  Yes, THE Colette store - uber cool store in Paris. The buyer had asked me to let her know when they ship. Sure I said, no problem. SHIP? I need to send them by BOAT to PARIS?

Luckily for everyone invloved, I have come a long way since then, adding to my own-brand products every year, which you can see here. I have sold my products to many fantastic stockists including Tate Modern, Selfridges and Design Museum. I also started attracting commissions from museum and gallery shops and also companies wanting to buy my ideas which I didn't even know was a thing when I first started out. (see Licensing page)

I stopped producing my own brand products in 2017 to focus exclusively on licensing ideas and on bespoke products for museum and gallery shops, you can see some on the commissions page.

And the Colette order? Sent by courier. Not boat. Obvs.