London Design Festival

Design Diversions

"Free Kisses, Buy cool stuff, Drink lobster milkshake, Speed Hating, Eat cereal, Make upcycled origami, Eat Marmite sandwiches, Birds, Watch a serial killer film, Make a ‘rubbish’ rosette, Nail tattoos, David’s Plastic Collection, Fitness Videotape-knitting workout class, Make a moustache, Matchmaking matchstick-model making for singles, Potatoes, Live drawing on Hub building’s outside walls, Ring Arm Wrestling contest in the Shed, Airline cutlery, Souvenirs of Dalston, Cycle-powered film screening brought to you by Lucky Saddle productions."

Product Of Your Environment isn't just about products, it's about experiences too! All these 'Design Diversions and daily subversions' exploring the more playful side of design were staged over 3 days, transforming my former live/work space in the heart of Shoreditch into a Pop-Up Hub for the London Design Festival 2011. I created an exciting, ambitious event full of concepts inspired by three own-brand products - the Exorcise Book, Cerealist Bowl and Love/Hate rings. I devised a day dedicated to each product with food, music, activities and workshops designed for each, plus a shop offering a specially curated selection of limited and unlimited edition products from 12 leading designers.

Day 1 - Exorcise/Exercise : we listened to the soundtrack of the Exorcist and exercised to Jane Fonda workouts while knitting with the videotape; 
Day 2 - Surreal/Cereal: we played serial killer films, ate cereal cakes, made books out of cereal packets
Day 3 - Love/Hate : we listened to I Hate You So Much Right Now and Love to love You Baby, ate marmite sandwiches, arm wrestled with the love & hate rings and invited singles to mingle at the 'Matchmaking matchstick-model making' evening where they were paired up to make matchstick models together.

Ok, so the Lobster milkshake didn't really happen.