London Transport Museum

Year Of The Bus project

DING DING! 2014 was the 'Year Of The Bus' and the 60th Anniversary of the original Routemaster bus.

To celebrate the beloved London buses, I played around with the well-known phrases and iconic information signs commonly seen on board - 'Stopping', 'You have reached your destination', Not in Service'.

I recontextualised these words onto household items associated with rest and relaxation (plus a rebellious apron) to send out the message that you are STOPPING for a drink and a lie-down and that you are most definitely NOT IN SERVICE! 

The result was a playful range of homewares that brought new meaning and a fun perspective to the museum's collection and heritage. The humour helps visitors make a connection with the product and serves as a great reminder of their experience at the museum.

In addition, I designed an apron, notebook and mug based on the Hackney carriage taxi cabs glowing For Hire sign, with the humorous narrative that these familiar everyday objects are available for hire - or not!