Museum Of London Docklands

Executions a major exhibition at the Museum of London Docklands, opened on 14th October 2022 and explored how public executions shaped Londoners's lives and the city's landscape. The rarely told and often tragic human stories behind these events were the focus of the exhibition and it showcased a range of fascinating objects, paintings and projections including last letters of the condemned and my favourie piece - a bedsheet embroidered with human hair as a memento for an executed husband.

A bit of a challenging theme to get the balance right..! I took inspiration from these fascinating objects and personal stories, along with words and phrases relating to prisoners, criminals and the crowds of people who congregated to watch public executions. I created 23 products that explore this often uncomfortable past, and even managed to get in a bit of trademark POYE wordplay to come up with what Museum Director Douglas Gilmore described as 'surprisingly fun' products, offering some light relief in the gift shop after the exhibition.