Youth Projects. Museum of The Home & University Of The Arts London

I have designed and delivered family workshops at the Museum of The Home for 10+ years, occasionally leading more involved longer-term projects. This Heritage Youth Community project was inspired by Newington Green's history as a home for radical thinkers and dissenters. Over a number of weeks the young people created designs inspired by Daniel Defoe's civet cats to Mary Woolstencraft's 'The Vindication Of The Rights of Women' and Edgar Allen Poe's poetry and made lino-cuts. These were printed onto wallpaper and papier mache mirrors and ceramic plates were also decorated. The project culminated in a life-size 17th century style room-set decorated entirely with objects the young people had made. The room-set was installed on the Green for a weekend picnic event where the community could also take part in other workshops. It was a fantastic project, the creation of a unique social space for new stories to unfold.

Retail Project
A project with local young people to create a product that would be a good fit to sell in the museum's shop. Inspired by the museum's collection the young people produced beautiful and sophisticated products including ceramics, a chess set with miniature furniture as the chess pieces and postcards. They also designed backdrops for professional photo shoot of their products.

Carnival project
Local young people created costumes inspired by the idea of home and London's connections with the Carribean - home of carnival. The resulting body adornments were joyous and celebratory in the spirit of carnival.

Lightshade project, University of the Arts London
Images from a lightshade project with sixth formers. After being introduced to some inspiring images, the students were given A4 sheets of paper, hole punches and staplers and, in 1 minute bursts, invited to create 3D shapes and structures without thinking too much about it. This exploration of the potential of a flat sheet of paper became the foundation for their final lightshade pieces which looked spectacular. I worked with UAL on several projects over 5+ years in partnership with the V&A and Imperial college plus many local schools and colleges.