Lapkins & HairClips

Paladone have been one of the leading names in giftware for over 20 years and I was lucky enough to have  two ideas taken on by them, Lapkins and HairClips.

Imagine the scene. You're at a posh work dinner party and the host is handing out the napkins - or should I say LAPKINS! Hilarity ensues as Bob from accounts is given the pink frilly knickers and CEO Janet gets the orange Y fronts. You're welcome. Marks & Spencer loved the product and an exclusive Christmas version featuring sexy santa, sexy elf, some Christmas puds and holly pants (ouch) was designed exclusively for them - almost too good to spill your sprouts and gravy on!

And maybe you were lucky enough to get some of our 'Hair Clips' in your stocking to style up your stationery.