Royal Opera House

'Tenor' and 'Soprano' throat sweet tins

A fortuitous bumping into the Royal Opera House's Head Of Commercial at a conference led to this 'sweet' commission for their shop.

The perfect souvenir for budding Pavarotti's and Callas's, the throat sweets are beautifully packaged in a gold tin.  Liquorice and honey flavour brings out those deep Tenor tones, while mixed fruit flavours help you hit Soprano high notes that don't suck! I presented the concept, designed the tins and sourced the suppliers for this product that now sits proudly alongside many other bespoke and independently designed products in the fantastic new shop.

In response to customer demand, tins for all the other voice types - Alto, Bass, Mezzo and Baritone are currently in development as well as further products to expand this range.