Wren The Polymath, St Pauls Cathedral

Tote bag, Set of 6 Pencils and 6 Enamel Badges designed exclusively for St Paul’s Cathedral to mark the 300th Anniversary of Sir Christopher Wren’s death and a year of special events under the umbrella of Wren 300: Innovation and Restoration including a special exhibition in the crypt - Sir Christopher Wren: The Quest for Knowledge, which celebrates his life and achievements.

I was approached by Garry Shrimpton, Buyer for St Pauls shop to come up with some ideas. For inspiration I went on the Triforium tour for a behind the scenes look at the Cathedral. What struck me the most was how Wren was so multi-talented – a true Polymath - and for me this is embodied in his impressive Geometric spiral staircase, with its steps that seem to float.

I’ve referenced the spiral of the staircase in the tote bag design. Each ‘step’ is a talent attributed to Wren. The font was chosen for its light and shade – an important feature of Wren’s work - the star at the centre of the design reflects the one found at the bottom of the spiral staircase. I also found it significant that spirals are patterns that occur in plants and natural systems and spiritually the spiral represents a connectivity with the divine.

For the Enamel Badges and the Pencils – I selected 6 ‘talents’ from the spiral so that you, your family and friends can show off your talents everyday!

For this project I worked on the entire process, from concept to design and through to sourcing and managing production of all the products.